Benoit Felten

Benoit Felten

Founder - Diffraction Analysis

CEO and founder of Diffraction Analysis, Benoît Felten is a recognized expert on issues related to Next-Generation-Access. Felten’s expertise stems from an understanding of the business model issues of fixed network rejuvenation and from there expands into all aspects impacting the business model: technology choices, service opportunities, go to market strategies, regulation, etc. He also analyses public policies aiming at promoting the deployment of fiber rich networks.

With 5G approaching, his expertise develops outwards as the lines between fixed and wireline broadband blur, architecturally and from a policy perspective. His recent work has focused on addressing market stability issues and risks of increased digital divide that may result from a haphazard development of 5G.

Before starting Diffraction Analysis, Felten was a Director of Access Network Research at Yankee Group where he led the company’s research efforts in the NGA field. Prior to that, Felten was a Telecoms Consultant for 8 years, and even further back worked at deploying and selling fiber access to businesses in Belgacom’s French subsidiary.

Felten lives between Hong Kong in Paris. He complements his day job by blogging about the economic and social impacts of next generation access on and tweets under the handle of @fiberguy.