Round Table at 3. AGGFA

  • Februar 10, 2020
Round Table at 3. AGGFA Financing-Enquete 2020: Financing of fiber projects – exciting developments in AustriaMonday, February 10, 2020

Dr. Nico Grove will participate on behalf of Di² at the AGGFA Financing-Enquete 2020 at the round table concerning the “Chances of the Nögig Roll-out for Austria”. 

Central questions that will be discussed are the following: 

  • What is crucial for investors to invest in fiber optic networks in Austria? 
  • How are decisions made and how long does the process take? 
  • What hurdles must be eliminated to strengthen the willingness to invest in Austria?     

The panelists are:

Mag. Hartwig Tauber, MAS, Managing Director, nöGIG – NÖ Glasfaserinfrastructuregesellschaft mbH
Dr. Nico Grove, Managing Director, Di2 Digital Infrastructure Investment
Dr. Frank Eppinger, Senior Consultant, Macquarie (requested)
Mag. Leopold Reymaier, MSc., Managing Director, Kommunalkredit Austria AG


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