Di² Workshop at FTTH Conference 2018 Monday, January 22, 2018

Di2 will host a Workshop about the situation and outlook for broadband policy and fibre deployment after the General Election. The first panel will discuss specifically the German situation. Join us for a vivid discussion with Martina Westhues (Deutsche Telekom), Wolfgang Heer (BUGLAS), Dr Matthias Pohler (TKI) and Johannes Theiss (Breko). The second panel will compare an contrast Germany with recent developments and experience made in other European countries. Panelists will be Christian Emborg (DKTCOMEGA), Benoît Felten (Diffraction Analysis) and Matthew Hare (Gigaclear).

The Workshop takes place on the 13th of February at the FTTH Conference in Valencia.

Moderators: Nico Grove & Thomas Langer 

Link: Programme