Joeri Van Bogaert
Senior business leader with track record in highly competitive and high-tech environment is ready to lead the business to leverage today’s market situation into a winning strategy.

Capabilities BVBA – Founder & MD 
Auguste Experts BVBA – Founder & MD 
FTTH Council Europe vzw. – President 
Opterna Ltd. – Executive Board Member 
DKT GmbH. – Advisory Board Member 
Innovience BV – Founding partner & CCO 
ContaQ consulting GmbH – Senior Partner 
LEONI WCS Benelux BV – MD 

Author: J. Van Bogaert, H. Tauber (2008). “Fibre to the people”. Journal of Telecommunications Management, Vol 1 (4), p. 332 – 338, November 2008, ISSN: 1754-1552 (Paper) 1754-1670 (Online)