Europe is facing challenges in renewing and optimizing its infrastructures. That issue needs to be tackled quickly if the Old-Continent is to avoid falling behind on a global scale. Di² strives to turn this situation into an opportunity: while investors are desperately looking for profitable long-term ventures, tons of dormant projects are only waiting to be taken into hands!

Our organization wants to act both as an enabler and a match-maker in this frame.

Asset Class 
Digital Infrastructure focuses on long-term, capital-intensive investments. They constitute and enable the information society. Di² has established Digital Infrastructure as a separate Asset Class in order to concentrate on fundamentals of the digitalization. Hence, Digital Infrastructure does not focus on short-term investments but rather separates long-term assets from active equipment or services.

Communication as well as information networks and backbones

Submarine cables and landing premises

Mobile network towers and sites

Satellite up- and downlink plots

Data centers

Fortress recovery sites

Next Summit
is coming up

The Di²-Summit 2020 was a great success! More than 100 experts joined us to discuss about digital infrastructure, investment opportunities, roll-out in rural areas, new trends such as gaming and many more topics!

The next Di²-Summit will take place in spring 2021. Sign up for our Newsletter to stay informed!”

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See you in 2021 for the next Di² Summit in the Airport Club Frankfurt


Di² enables match-making between investors, service providers, asset owners and other stakeholders by focusing on concrete transactions rather than talk. The organisation is thereby bridging the existing gap between all actors in the current digital infrastructure and financial worlds.
Di²’s mission crystallises in its annual Summit which usually takes place in March.


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Offcial Partners

Di² integrates you into the Digital Infrastructure Community. Di² is a network of partners, fostering investments for the Information Economy. Our partners are high-profile, encouraged industry associations, NGOs, public institutions and research facilities with a worldwide and local perspective. Members of Di² benefit from this partner network and gain thereby special access to their experts, events, financial and industry insights as well as databases. We are looking forward to welcoming your expertise within the Di² community!

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